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Foaie de transfer pacient

Model: GVT10-B120


WARNING ! The use of this product involves at least 4 people of average height, in good physical condition, qualified and trained in the use of the article. In particular, the operator must have strength in the back, arms and legs.

  • To place the injured person on the patient transfer sheet, proceed as follows:
  • Place the sheet next to the patient, bringing the top edge of about 4 fingers above the subject’s head; roll 2/3 of the transfer sheet along the length, making sure the handles are placed inside. Place the patient on his side, moving him by the shoulders and hips.
  • Place a transfer sheet under the patient. To place the patient on the opposite side, the cloth unfolds, bringing the patient to a supine position.
  • In order to transport the patient, lifting and moving must be done at the same time, while maintaining the balance of the load.
  • Safe loading capacity:  120 kg

Dimensions: 192 L x 70 W cm

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