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Fotoliu oncologic – chimioterapie

Model: GVT10-52


  • Electric multifunctional armchair that meets all the needs of staff and patients, and due to its versatility, it can be used in various departments, such as ENT, diagnostics and treatments
  • Armchair with ergonomic position and specially designed design can provide the patient with an anatomical support with adjustable head height
  • The chair is configured with side arms and padded footrest
  • The chair has the possibility of moving back and forth towards the formation of the “bed position” with maximum comfort for the patient
  • Commands for the quick realization of the Trendelenburg position and CPR
  • The seat is equipped with remote control
  • It is easily accessible for patients with reduced mobility: the armrests are adjustable in height and the height of the chair can be lowered.
  • The base of the seat has optimal stability, being fully equipped with an ABS coating that protects it from dust and liquids, easily removable and washable
  • Designed with rubber feet and 3 wheels
  • Equipped with infusion sativa and table
  • Available in various colors


Technical data:

  • Height adjustment between: 52 – 81 mm
  • Backrest adjustable between: 94 – 180 °
  • Legs section adjustable between: 90 – 180 °
  • Trendelenburg: 10 °
  • With 4 engines
  • Voltage: 230 V ± 10%
  • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Insulation class: I
  • Degree of protection: IP 66
  • Battery power: 1.2Ah
  • Battery: recharge time: 6-8 hours

Dimensions: 53 W x 52 D x 52-81 H cm

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