Paravan telescopic pe perete

Model: ACT11-ECLI210


  • Telescopic screen ideal for dividing a living room
  • Can be used with different types of wall mount
  • Easily foldable due to its specificity or patented
  • It is fixed to the wall
  • The screens have specific rings, which can deform under strong traction
  • They can also be used with disposable curtains
  • They are available in several colors
  • Manual or steam disinfection
  • It consists of a wall bracket, telescopic rod, textile screen and defixing rings of the screen on the telescopic rod
  • The height of the screen can be 140 or 175 cm

Dimensions: 160/210 cm long and 75/86 cm narrow


Vinyl curtain

  • Description: Vinyl
  • Grams: 270gr / m²
  • Breaking strength: 89.2N / 11.64cm
  • Fireproof: Class M1
  • Phthalate content: <1%
  • Maintenance: Manual disinfection, steam sterilization, nebulization

Dimensions: 170 L x 140 H; 230 L x 175 H cm


Cortina Trevira CS

  • Description: Synthetic material
  • Weight: 140gr / m²
  • Antibacterial treatment: based on Silver
  • Fireproof: Class M1
  • Maintenance: Washing in the washing machine at 60 ° C, dry cleaning, drying at 150 ° C, ironing at 110 ° C.

Dimensions: 170 L x 140 H; 230 L x 175 H

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