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Paturi ATI


Pat ATI cu 4 sectiuni, trei motoare tip coloana

Model: KNMP7 – 5M


  • The movements in height, back section and leg section, as well as the Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg position are electrically adjustable with the help of 3 column type motors.
  • The angle of inclination of the rear section is between: 0-60 °
  • The angle of inclination of the legs section is between: 0-30 °
  • The angle of inclination of the rear section is between: 0-60 °
  • Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg position angle: 10 – 0 -10 °
  • Manual and automatic CPR from the remote control
  • Equipped with Fowler position and vascular position
  • The boards are made of ABS and can be easily removed if desired
  • Four 360⁰ pivoting wheels Ø 125 mm, with central brake and steering lock
  • With 5 engines
  • With 4 elastic protection dampers at the corners
  • 20 ° lateral tilt (this function is locked automatically if the anti-fall sides are lowered and unlocked when they are raised).
  • Equipped with urine bag holder, infusion stand holder.
  • ABS covers for mattress support platform.
  • Plant-shaped mattress radiolucent.
  • Battery.
  • Remote control with function to lock patient bed controls.
  • Support for radiological films
  • Infusion stand
  • Maximum patient load load:  180 kg

Mattress platform dimensions: 196 L x 90 W cm

Dimensions: 218 L x 103 W x 53-75 H cm


Optional accessories:

  • Battery scale
  • Wheels of Ø 150 mm

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