Pat spital manual cu 2 sectiuni (3)

Model: LIT24 – CK10


  • Manual bed with two sections
  • The movement of the head and legs section is done mechanically
  • With 4 easily maneuverable anti-fall sides
  • The head and foot panels are made of ABS and can be easily removed
  • The infusion stand is adjustable in height and can be attached to the four corners of the bed.
  • With 4 wheels pivoting wheels Ø 125 mm antistatic, two of which have brakes
  • The metal parts are painted in electrostatic field


Technical data:

  • The backrest section can be tilted up to 60 °
  • The legs section can be tilted up to 38 °
  • Safe loading capacity:  180 kg

Total dimensions: 190 L x 95 W x 50 H cm



  • Trendelenburg position

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