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Aparat de sigilat digital

Model: GAA45-910


  • Continuous bag sealing machine with dot matrix printer
  • It allows a seal on several lines of 12 mm
  • With stand-by and automatic function
  • It is equipped with a built-in printer (sterilization / expiration date, statutory symbols)
  • Made of stainless steel coated with epoxy resins
  • Equipped with device for adjusting the temperature (displayed by LCD) and printing parameters
  • The sealing pressure is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the material
  • Guarantees a safety distance of 30 mm between the sealing device and the product in accordance with DIN standards.
  • Easy to use and maintenance free


Technical data:

  • Loading speed: 6 m / min
  • Temperature control: by digital thermoregulator
  • Sealing temperature: 40 – 180 ° C
  • Temperature tolerance: ± 2%
  • Sealing: Multiline
  • Sealing width:  12 mm
  • Adjustable free edge: 0-30
  • Voltage / Power: 230V-50/60 Hz, 600W
  • Net weight: 12 kg

Dimensions: 575 L x 400 D x 345 H mm

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