Aparat dezghetat plasma si incalzit sange (2)



• It is a completely new device, both in terms of choice of materials and how it works
• By using this device it is possible to follow every step of the heating / defrosting process
• Through the electronic control unit with touch screen is it is possible to transfer defrost information to the SD card
• Unlike other devices on the market, which only measure the temperature of the bath, this device has several sensors in each pocket, continuously keeping the temperature of each bag under control, ensuring:
• Traceability total of everything that took place during the thawing
• Validation of the entire defrosting process
• Perfect homogeneity of thawed plasma
• Asynchronous thawing of several units of fresh frozen plasma or several units of stem cells; the appliance is equipped with different independent heating units, so it is possible to activate the heating and asynchronous processes in a completely independent way
• Ensures high productivity
• The size, structure and information available make the difference from other appliances in this category
• It has a 7-inch touch screen display
• The system has two differently heated pockets, each pocket being equipped with two temperature sensors, which allow the corresponding cycles for the simultaneous preparation of blood bags at the infusion temperature
• For each pocket the following can be defined parameters:
• End of temperature cycle
• End of time cycle
• Bag mode
• Plasma mode
• Stem cell mode
• Heating mode (for heating blood, blood products and infusion solutions)
• Each cycle can be thermally controlled (when the desired temperature is reached, the cycle closes automatically)
• Each process is constantly monitored and recorded, with the possibility of on-screen tracking of the defrost curve, throughout the cycle
• Each defrost cycle is stored to allow historical recovery of different cycles depending on the date, bag, recipient and user who performed the cycle
• All operating variables are monitored in real time
• For any non-compliance, the display shows an alarm warning. Therefore, the user can view the details of the ongoing alarm and decide on the necessary corrective actions. Obviously, the system also stores interrupted cycles due to an alarm
• In case of a bag break a sensor warns the operator
• The end of a bag preparation cycle is indicated on the screen, the pocket door opens and the user can remove bag that is ready for use

Capacity: Up to 2 bags of 1,000 ml or 4 bags of 460 ml
Dimensions: 640 L x 396 W x 420 H mm
Weight: 20 kg

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