Aparat magnetoterapie

Model: LEA78-TS2


  • Magnetotherapy unit for professional applications
  • The device generates a magnetic field (ELF) characterized by: low frequency electric field, negligible, low radiated power, negligible thermal effects and high tissue penetration
  • The unit has a graphical touch display that allows interactive control of the unit
  • The device can have at the same time a pair of simple transducers as well as a cylindrical transducer or two cylindrical transducers
  • The outputs can be activated simultaneously or in turn
  • Wide range of preset protocols
  • Custom programs
  • Automatic recognition of the connected accessory
  • Phase planning sequence


Technical data:

  • Output frequency: 2 – 100 Hz
  • Maximum output level: 100/10 Gauss / mT
  • Power supply: 90-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Input power: 120 W / 150 W

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