Audiometru pediatric

Model: GAA45-301


  • Portable pediatric audiometer with visual stimulation
  • Through a headset it can be used as a regular screening audiometer for adults
  • Assist physicians in assessing auditory behavior in newborns and infants up to 24 months by specific tests:

Auropalpebral reflex test (APR)

  • It is a reflex test of eyelid twitching caused by relatively loud sounds that can be performed on newborns from the day of birth.
  • It is not based on cooperation with the newborn baby

Conditional Orientation Reaction Test (COR)

  • It is based on the phenomenon called “reflex orientation”, which is a natural reflex movement caused by sound or visual stimulation.
  • Dacă stimularea vizuală declanșează un reflex care este condiționată de un ton, copilul va privi spre stimularea vizuala imediat ce se aude tonul

Test audiometrie de armare vizuala (VRA)

  • Este o continuare a testului de reactie orientare conditionata, unde comunicarea cu copilul este mei putin importanta
  • Sunt acceptate pe langa reflexele de orientare a localizarii sunetului, si inca patru reflexe: reactii reflex (corp si fata), cautarea reactiilor, orientarea reactiilor si reactii spontane.

Test raspuns maturitate auditiva si audiometrie reflex

  • Different stimuli are presented in terms of intensity, frequency, duration, direction of sound to cause appropriate reactions such as awakened, crying, amazement, localization of direct sound.

Technical specifications

  • Frequencies: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 Hz
  • Stimuli: tone of voice
  • Intensities: at a distance of 50 cm:
    – 20 / 30-80 dB HL in 10 dB steps, for Warble Tone and WN
    – 10 / 20-70 dB for NB
  • At a distance of 16 cm: increase the intensity by 10 dB.
  • Power supply: 3 AA batteries (included)
  • Supplied with manual in English and quick guide (GB, USA, DE, FR, SE, IT, PT, DK, FI, ES, GR, CZ, PL, NL, NO, EE, HU, SL)
  • Weight:  360 g

Size: 250 L x 70 W x 50 D mm


  • With adult headphones

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