Canapea ginecologica electrica cu 3 motoare

Model: NITP5 M03


  • Gynecological sofa with two sections
  • Equipped with three engines
  • Intended for: gynecology, examination, urology and other simple operations
  • Manual control unit
  • Stable position while lifting the sofa
  • Upholstery made of resistant material, antibacterial, easy to clean, water resistant
  • Consists of 3 main parts: backrest, seat, legs
  • The leg part is easy to handle during the consultation
  • With paper roll holder
  • Two footrests, made of all-polyurethane with 360 ° rotation and height adjustment
  • Rollers with central locking with a diameter of Ø 250 mm
  • Height adjustable:

When the backrest is upright: max 1800 mm – min 1290 mm

When the backrest is in a horizontal position: max 1010 mm – min 500 mm

Dimensions: 86 W x 160 L cm

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