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Model: BXA103-C50


  • The analyzer is built of modular units.
  • The liquid crystal display that is presented in a row and 8 characters has been integrated for good visual communication.
  • Numeric keys allow entry into methods.
  • Immediately after starting the analyzer, an adjustment allows the detection of the cuvette.
  • The determination is started automatically by adding reagent to the sample tank.
  • Perform the following tests:

– prothrombin time (PT)

– activated thromboplastin part time (APTT)

– thrombin time (TT)

– fibrinogen (FIB)

– Fa E (Extrinsic factors, F II, FV, F VII, FX  ) – 

– Fa I (Intrinsic factors, F VIII, F IX, F XI, F XII)

  • All tests are performed with a volume a quarter lower than that normally used.
  • Stored programs and calibrations
  • Automatic start or by manual control
  • Complete microprocessor controlled optical system
  • Calibration in maximum 9 points
  • The apparatus has an incubation region for 4 samples and one position for reagents.
  • 1 reading channel with protective cover against light

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