Consola pentru gaze medicale, echipata cu terminale pentru gaze medicale si curent, pentru trei paturi

Configuration on each bed:

  • It is a horizontal console for medical gases and fluids, with extruded anodized aluminum structure, with a section of 266 x 105 mm, with a length of 4.50 m and three internal modules with a thickness of 3 mm, which separates the gas installation and the electric one, as follows:
  • 1 front module for medical gas intakes
  • 1 lower module for electrical and telecommunications outputs, switches, buttons, lighting and other electrical components
  • 1 upper module for ambient light
  • Each independent module can be accessed separately by removing the plastic caps secured with quick-release clamps.
  • The console is adaptable for each type of salon and can be mounted after the renovation of the salons
  • The proposed console has the following components:
  • 1 double socket, schuko type, 220 V YELLOW (secondary route)
  • 1 double socket, schuko type, 220 V WHITE (main route)
  • 1 double socket, schuko type, 220 V RED (spare route)
  • 1 Rj45 CAT 6, socket for telecommunications
  • 2 light switches
  • A cable with 3 buttons for: call assistance, ambient light control and reading light control
  • The console has the following terminals for supplying medical gas:
  • 2 outputs for oxygen, O2
  • 2 outputs for vacuum, VAC
  • 1 air outlet, AC
  • 1 infusion stand on metal rail fixed on the console

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