Defibrilator automat

Model: ECA31-MEPAD


  • Energy for: adults – 150 Joules at 50 Ω pediatrics – 50 Joules at 50 Ω (shared use)
  • Charging time: in less than 8 seconds
  • If the ambient noise level is too high, the volume automatically increases at the voice for instructions so that you can hear clearly
  • Two-phase waveform (exponentially truncated)
  • ECG – with 2 channels
  • Frequency response from 1 Hz to 30 Hz impedance 25 Ω to 175 Ω (shock will not be delivered to the patient with impedance beyond this range)


Data storage and transfer:

  • Internal data memory
  • Capacity 5 individual treatments, up to 3 hours / treatment
  • SD card-External memory
  • Data can be copied from the internal memory to the SD card
  • IrDA for PC communications

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