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Model: GAA45 – Mindra-Z5


  • Mindray color Doppler ultrasound, affordable, with a successful technology and design, which offers an amazing image and functionality
  • Uses complex imaging technologies: iBeam – spatial compound, iClear – noise reduction, iTouch – automatic optimization, Phase Shift THI inverted pulse harmonic, trapezoidal image, iStation – database, Z5
  • Provides confidence in diagnosing patients through a wide range of applications


Technical specifications:

  • 15 LCD LCD screen, with resolutions of 1024 x 768
  • Two probe connectors, 320 Gb HDD storage, 4 USB connectors, VGA port and S-video
  • 7.5 MHz linear probe  included in the price
  • Uninterrupted scanning for 90 minutes, thanks to the rechargeable battery
  • With user manual in several languages
  • Carrying case
  • Weight:  8.8 Kg

Dimensions: 18 W x 41 L x 37 H cm


Clinical applications:

  • internal Medicine
  • Obstetrics-gynecology
  • Family Medicine
  • urologists
  • Endocrinology
  • Vascular applications

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