Electrocauter, coagulare cu argon plasmă

Manufacturer: Erbe Electromedizin


  • Erbe Vio 200 S, automatically adjusts power when cutting
  • Microprocessor technology that provides the required amount of power according to your needs


Advantages of automatic power dosing:

  • Efficient operation with optimal results and a high degree of safety
  • The VIO system takes into account the specific characteristics during the initial cutting stage and provides automatic support
  • The effects of cutting are improved: thermal damage to tissue is very low
  • Less stress for the patient
  • The voltage regulator constantly maintains a preset voltage throughout the coagulation process
  • If the procedure needs contact, coagulation is performed with minimal carbonization
  • Fast coagulation and as little as possible gluing to the electrode
  • It is recommended in the following specialties: gastroenterology and dermatology

The system consists of:

  • The surgical unit includes: 3 sockets, 1 software system, 1 power cable
  • VIO Upgrade ENDO CUT “IQ”
  • Neutral silicone rubber electrode
  • Neutral electrode cable, 4 m
  • Endoscopy cable, connection Ø 3 mm, length 4 m
  • VIO double pedal
  • VIO stroller
  • VIO / APC 2 assembly set to VIO-CART
  • Wire basket, dimensions: 339 L x 205 W x 155/100 H mm

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