Fotoliu oncologic

Model: GBP11 – Stephen H


  • It is a hybrid medical device between the bed and the chair
  • It is used for hospital use during assessment diagnosis and care
  • It has the option of integrated ladder (STEPHEN SCARA H-YBRID)
  • It can be used to transfer the patient inside the hospital
  • Constructed of easy to clean materials with antifungal and antibacterial properties
  • Stainless steel mechanical joints
  • It is a sliding seat that reduces abdominal and chest compression
  • The engine changes the angle of inclination of the seat, distributing the pressure on the back and legs
  • Height adjustable with two motors
  • With automatic Trendelenburg and shock position
  • Buton disponibil pe ambele parti, usor de accesat (AC 10 sau AC35/3)
  • Trei suprafete acoperite cu piele ecologica, usor de curatat si rezistent la absortie de fluide
  • Saltea stratificaca acoperita cu tesatura antibacteriala
  • Are sase motoare pentru: spate, inclinarea scaunului, picioare, talpi si pentru reglarea inaltimii
  • Manere de transport
  • Cadru din otel vopsit, cu suprafata antibacteriana
  • Patru roti cu frane directionale si centrale, din inox cu ø 100 mm
  • Scaun controlat de o telecomda accesibila cu diagrame clare
  • Saltele cu tesatura antimiotica si antibactericida, ignifuga.
  • Sectiunea de baza, spate si scaun sunt acoperite cu ABS. Manere de transport. Se poate configura și actualiza cu multe accesorii
  • Accesoriile se gasesc in catalog
  • O gama variata de culori



  • Pedala de comanda a unui motor
  • Functie memorie pentru motoare
  • Shock position: chair / foot -25 °, backrest parallel to the floor. The emergency button can be reached


Technical data:

  • Power 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Low Voltage Electric Motors (24 Volt)
  • Electrical power max 480A, insulation IP44
  • Total weight 140 kg (bariatric)
  • Maximum load:  325 kg

Dimensions: 154 L x 117 W x 157 H cm

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