Holter TA (2)

Model: CA110-A50


  • It is a compact, non-invasive, light and precise tool for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Measurement method: oscillometric, measurement mode: manual or automatic
  • Measures systolic, diastolic values ​​and calculates the average of the results in Hgmm or Kpa
  • Measurement limits: 0-280 Hgmm. Accuracy: ± 3 Hgmm
  • Memory for 358 results
  • USB port for data transfer on PC or laptop
  • Software and easy-to-use interface for complex analysis
  • Safety system for observing the pressure in the cuff, the duration of the measurement and the main microprocessor
  • Power supply: 2xAA alkaline batteries with which up to 600 measurements can be made in 48 hours

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