Lampa bactericida

Manufacturer: Biocomp


  • Equipped with one or two UV-C radiation generating tubes (wavelength 253.7nm)
  • High efficacy: 99.999% disinfection of microorganisms
  • Lifespan of UV tubes up to 15% reduction in UV radiation (minimum 8000 hours, Philips tubes)
  • Mounting type: on the wall, on the ceiling and on the stand
  • Almost all lamps are equipped with a lamp orientation device that ensures its rotation by approximately 180 ° and a reflector for the concentration of UV radiation.
  • Different models available, for maximum efficiency and to meet your requirements
  • Power cord length: 3 m
  • Optional with daily timer on – off lamp
  • In accordance with CE and ISO 9001
  • Bactericidal lamp
  • User manual in Romanian
  • Various sizes and capacities

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