Lampa scialitica LED cu un brat de 160.000 Lux

Model: BOWL3 75

  • The lamp has a unique optical technology thanks to the reflectors with many faces
  • Special mirrors with modern LEDs are elements that lead to a high performance of light resources.
  • The light of each reflector is combined in a perfect way, so that the color shadow and the contour shadow no longer appear.
  • The lamp gives users a cool white light
  • Lighting mode for minimally invasive interventions, such as laparoscopic or endoscopic
  • Stable and efficient lighting system without reflection, thanks to the LED technology, which does not visually tire the user
  • The manager of the heat radiation system ensures the surgical team comfortable conditions during long operations.


Technical specifications:

  • Surgical lamp for one-body operations
  • LED lighting system
  • Lighting power at 1m: 160,000 lux
  • Outer diameter of the body: 75 cm
  • Red index (R9): 95
  • Lighting depth: 120 cm
  • Diameter of the light field: 12 – 35 cm
  • Working distance: 50 – 180 cm
  • Thermodynamic temperature: 3800/4400/5000 ° K
  • Color rendering index (Ra): 97
  • Intuitive control via control panel
  • With motorized electric focusing
  • Equipped with light compensation
  • Power supply: ~ 230V / 24V, 50Hz
  • Protection class: IP 42
  • Average lifespan of LEDs: 30,000 hours

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