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Masa de operatie profesionala electrohidraulica, 5 sectiuni, pentru chirurgie generala

Model: T800S.2 Amtai USA

  • Radiolucent, modular electrohydraulic operating table, which can be configured and equipped for all surgical specialties.
  • The top is divided into 5 sections, foldable and interchangeable.
  • All segments are covered with anti-decubitus sponge mattress with memory, with seamless cover on the upper part, and on the lower one the cover is sewn with ultrasound, not allowing the access of liquids inside the mattress.
  • The table is mobile, provided with a hydraulic floor locking system, or manually operated with a pedal.


Configurable dimensions and positions 

  • Top dimensions: 2082 mm x 579 mm (W x W)
  • Equipped with stainless steel rails for accessories, which cover the entire length of the table top on both sides.
  • Electrically adjustable height: 680 – 1120 mm
  • Electrically adjustable rear section (up / down): 80º / -50º
  • Manually adjustable head section (up / down): 90º / -90º
  • Manually adjustable leg section – divided into 2 independent, detachable and adjustable sections: up / down 30º / -90º, horizontal opening 0º / -90º
  • Trendelenburg/Antitrendelenburg reglabil electric: 30º / -30º
  • Inclinare laterala stanga/dreapta reglabil electric: 20º
  • Translatie longitudinala (cap/picioare) reglabila electric: 310 mm
  • Pozitie Flex/Reflex reglabila electric: 230º / 100º
  • Autonivelare reglabila electric, Pozitia “0”
  • Translatie longitudinala: 310mm
  • Capacitatea maxima de incarcare pacient in orice pozitie: 363 kg
  • Baterie incorporata reincarcabila
  • Elevator rinichi reglabil manual pe inaltime: 12cm 


Configuratie de baza masa de operatie:

  • Masa de operatie model T800S.2, cu translatie longitudinală și saltele antidecubit pentru toate secțiunile
  • 1.Telecomandă – 1 buc
  • 22.Sistem manual de acționare a comenzilor mesei -1 buc
  • 23.Curea fixare pacient – 2 buc
  • 5.Suport brate – 2 buc
  • 24.Extensii picioare – o pereche
  • 14. Manual system, with pedal, for immobilizing the table on the floor
  • 11. Pound anesthesia with clamp 02 – 1 pc
  • 12.Infusion holder with clamp 02 – 1 pc


Accessories for general surgery 

  • 27. Support shoulders – a pair
  • 28. Body side supports – or pair
  • 31. Clamp 04 clamping side supports and shoulders 4 pcs
  • 30.Additional section for hand surgery
  • 29. Multifunctional hand height adjustable
  • 15. Clamps 01 for fixing accessories on the operating table 2 pcs

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