Monitor doppler fetal (Cardiotocograf)

Model: LUA32-F8


• 7 ”high resolution screen can be raised to 90 °
• With 110 mm wide built-in printer
• High precision probe
• Data storage that can then be deployed and listed
• Rechargeable battery, which allows a working time long-term
• DSP technology, real-time identification and measurement for FHR, safe and real results
• Automatic detection of fetal movements
• Central monitoring system
• CTG scoring system: Krebs and Fischer score
• Weight:  1.75 kg
Dimensions: 295 L x 240 W x 73 H cm

Technical specifications:

• Translator: Multi crystals, wide wave beam, pulsed wave working method
• Power: <5mW / cm²
• Working frequency: 1.0 MHz

• Measuring range: 0-100 units

Optional not included in the price:
• Touch screen function
• Connected with L8T wireless station
• L8A (SpO2, PR, NIBP)
• FAS (Fetal acoustic stimulator)
• FHR twin measurement

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