Osteodensitometru (2)

Model: ECA31-IS


  • Touch screen and built-in printer
  • The device provides a quick and easy way to measure the density of the calcaneus bone to assess the risk of fracture
  • It measures SOS (sound speed) as well as BUA (broadband attenuation) and calculates the bone quality index (BQI)
  • High precision
    • Automatic adjustment of gel pads for optimal foot positioning
  • High reproducibility
    • High measurement speed (15 seconds!)
    • Short preparation time
    • Clear, easy to use and integrated software
    • USB port for selected printers for DIN A4 reporting
    • External VGA monitor connection
    • FRAX ©
  • Weight:  15 Kg

Dimensions: 61 W x 29 D x 31 H cm


Standard accessories:

  • 1 x Phantom
  • 4 x Foot positioning balloons
  • 2 x gel tube
  • 1 x tub of alcohol
  • 2 x Paper rolls

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