Roata mobila pentru exercitii brate

Model: CHT13 – 1348


  • Apparatus for rehabilitation of the shoulder and elbow, in case of stiffness and pre- and post-surgical treatment
  • Equipped with a metal frame and a height-adjustable wheel
  • Easy to handle, can be easily moved by an operator
  • It has a complete set of accessories, including: a handle, a button, a forearm support, a counterweight, an elbow and a front handle (code AC0711)
  • It can be used mainly to perform active exercises
  • It is used to do passive / passive self mobilization and proprioceptive exercises
  • You can start the active exercises freely and then, by means of a clutch, gradually apply a higher resistance
  • This device allows the therapist to avoid repetitive work: the physiotherapist programs the sequence and intensity of exercises, while the patient can check the range of motion reached at each repetition and is therefore motivated to work more seriously.
  • The range of motion recovery can be monitored with a quick and extremely reliable assessment by comparing previous and subsequent results.
  • The “wheel” comes with a manual and videotape that presents a series of exercises.


Technical data :

  • Height adjustment: 72 ÷ 148 cm
  • Resistance control with 8 settings: 0 ÷ 1.8 Nm
  • Own weight:  55 kg

Max dimensions: 100 W x 64 D x 177 H cm

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