Sistem chemare asistenta fara fir (wireless)

Model: ADA118-OP2



  1. Patient call mode
  •  Patient call mode, with wired remote control for call initiation, or cancellation. It is fixed on the medical gas console or on the wall. Works on batteries, with a lifespan of approximately 30,000 cycles (approx. 5 years)

Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 32 mm


      2.  Pager for assistance

  • Pager for receiving call calls. Charger included. Works on batteries.

Dimensions: 76 x 53 x 18 mm


      3.  Signal amplifier

 Wireless signal amplifier for call assistance system. It connects to the mains.


 Optional accessories:

     4. Monitor afisare apeluri asistenta

  •  Monitor cu brat fixat pe perete, cu diaginala de 21’’ pentru vizualizarea apelurilor. Terminalele de chemare asistenta si recpetoarele, functioneaza doar cu acest monitor pe care se poate vedea in camera asistentelor toate apelurile initiate si starea lor. Nu este nevoie de nici un soft suplimentar pentru functionarea lor in paralel
  1. Lampa multicolora pentru usa
  •  Lampa pentru semnalizare apel asistenta si prezenta acesteia in incaperea de unde s-a initiat apelul. Se fixeaza deasupra usii salonului. Poate gestiona 5 functii simultan. Necesita racordare la reteaua electrica.

Dimensiuni: 153 x 100 x 45 mm


OBS: To the total cost of the lamps is added the cost of the cable bed, if applicable, and the cost of the cable, sockets, etc. este needed to connect these lamps to the mains. To estimate this cost you need the sketches of the rooms where this system will be installed, or a visit to the installation site.

6.  Software for the call support system with laptop dedicated to this system 

  •  Dedicated software for the call assistance system, for managing call records, preparing daily / weekly reports. Includes LAPTOP with Windows license

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