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Statii injectomate / infuzomate


Statie injectomat

Model: COMA4-M200


  • It saves time and improves work efficiency and safety, reducing the workload of medical staff
  • Allows stacking of injectors
  • 7 ”TFT LCD HD screen combined with buttons
  • Each parameter is clearly displayed
  • The infusion rate can be controlled on the display
  • Display lock function to avoid unwanted operations
  • Intelligent injection control system that includes the following modules: speed, weight, time, drug administration and TIVA
  • The system is controlled by a central control platform that ensures patient safety
  • Intelligent alarm system designed with a variety of alarms to avoid possible problems
  • Additional alarms: injection completed, pipe blocked, syringe clogged, power supply interrupted
  • Data storage system
  • It can save up to 500 records
  • Events can be recorded automatically
  • The records can be verified at any time by the control system of the central station
  • Compatible with a variety of syringes, the amount of medication will be displayed in the syringe pump as well as the speed of medication administration, dose adjustment and collection of data on popma with syringes.
  • Elegant design with simple lines, bright colors, beautiful and refined look and smart safety clip
  • Tower with 4 injectors / 8 injectors

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