Targa transfer pacienti (2)

Model: NITP5-S6

  • The stretcher consists of two strollers separated by a stretcher and an upper platform
  • A means of transferring patients to / from sterile environments
  • The anti-fall sides are foldable, chrome-plated
  • During the transfer operation, the two separate trolleys lock together and the upper platform is pushed to transfer the patient, with a rail mechanism and a sliding bar.
  • Equipped with an oxygen cylinder holder
  • With infusion stand, adjustable in height
  • Fireproof mattress, waterproof, with a density of 32
  • Equipped with x-ray box
  • Four pivoting wheels Ø 150 mm, with locking system
  • Four elastic damping wheels in the four corners of the stretcher

Mattress size: 60 W x 193 L x 8 cm

The size of a stretcher: 84 W x 214 L x 80 H cm

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