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Troliu tratament


Troliu medicatie/tratamente

Model: FRMO4-M4


  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure.
  • Strong green polymer walls
  • Scratch resistant
  • It has a wide, molded worktop with 4 raised edges
  • With built-in handle
  • On the side there is an extensible table made of pearl gray molded plastic
  • With stainless steel shelf with 9 boxes for syringes / needles on two rows, 5 + 4
  • It has 4 drawers (720 x 480 mm) made of stainless steel mounted on rails, of which three drawers with a height of 155 mm and a drawer with a height of 235 mm
  • With central locking system for drawers
  • On the right side there is a 20 l trash can with a knee opening system
  • And on the left side there are 3 plastic containers
  • Equipped with 4 wheels Ø 150 mm, for heavy traffic, without traces on the floor, two of which with brake

Dimensions: 62 W x 118 L x 170 H cm

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