Regio Med



Unit ORL

Model: ELA108-Basic Line


  • Ensures the comfortable and elegant optimization of the space
  • Compact, elegant and robust
  • Made of durable materials: metal, steel and safety glass
  • Drawers with high storage capacity, which can be completely removed
  • High-strength guides with easy closing mechanism
  • Autoclavable tool trays
  • High power suction pump
  • Two large capacity drawers
  • Built-in trash can
  • Space for microscope and endoscopic system
  • There are several color options

With the following drawer accessories:

  • Stainless steel tray for drawers: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Mirror support
  • Hook support
  • Subdivisions



  • Microscope holder
  • Monitor support with lateral movement and passage for cables
  • Side mount monitor mount accessories
  • Camera head and cable holder
  • Front lamp holder

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