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Aparat recuperare sold si picior

Model: RIA57-30E


  • For knee and hip mobilization
  • It is intended for rehabilitation in order to restore joint circulation in both surgically and non-surgically treated medical conditions. therefore, it is suitable for the needs of a wide range of patients
  • Software with programmable, useful and easy-to-use features for personalizing therapy and promoting comfortable, gradual and efficient recovery of joint mobility
  • Made of high quality materials, to ensure greater reliability over time
  • Lightweight device, only  9.5 kg
  • For limbs with a length of the femur: 32-49 cm
  • Aparatul poate fi programat prin telecomanda
  • Unitatea afișează simboluri grafice explicite intuitive pentru a fi ușor de folosit
  • Tastatura programabilă manuală concepută pentru a permite pacientului să participe activ la terapia de reabilitare
  • Telecomanda conține toate tastele de programare pentru dispozitiv, precum și butoanele start & stop pentru controlul mișcării


Date tehnice:

  • Alimentare: 85 – 260V, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Siguranță electrică: clasa I B
  • Compatibilitate electromagnetică: grupul 1 clasa


Funcții programabile:

  • Knee extension flexibility: -10 ° – 120 °
  • Balance movement: 7 ° – 115 °
  • Speed
  • Force
  • Working time
  • Interruption in flexion
  • Warm-up
  • Repeat at the limit of the extension
  • Repeat at the deflection limit
  • The footrest can be adjusted to allow a more comfortable positioning of the patient’s ankle



  • Remote control with start & stop
  • Manually programmable keyboard
  • Trolley for internal use

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