Model: GAA45-167


  • Provides unmatched precision optics capable of switching between polarized and non-polarized illumination
  • It does not require the change of contact plates, as in immersion dermatoscopes, thus allowing the examination of the skin lesion.
  • High quality, achromatic optical system that ensures unparalleled clarity and resolution.
  • The focus system offers a magnification of 10 x to 16 x for the recognition of the smallest details and structures
  • LED lighting provides optimal light intensity, homogenizes and color rendering for every situation
  • Color temperature: 5,000 K, Color rendering index (CRI)> 80 on a scale of 100, ensuring true tissue color for the most accurate diagnosis
  • It allows the recognition of the “Blink Sign” when the presence of crystalline structures and milia cysts is observed, thus increasing the diagnostic function.
  • Small special contact plate for hard to reach lesions.
  • It can connect to digital cameras
  • Specially designed lenses integrate DELTA 20 T camera and optics together to deliver the highest quality images possible
  • The LED lighting system requires thermal management to ensure the long-term performance and stability of the products
  • LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours

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