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Lampa fototerapie Dermalight 80

Manufacturer: Dr. Hoenle


  • For fluent and precise local treatment of the scalp
  • Large treatment area
  • Easy to handle and light weight format
  • Short duration of treatment
  • Ideal for home treatments
  • Without the comb accessory it is possible to treat more difficult to reach body regions
  • High quality finish
  • Classic design
  • The detachable comb accessory ensures the maintenance of a predetermined distance to the scalp, as well as the continuous separation of hair
  • The device is equipped with a UV-B-311 nm lamp, which covers a wide range of therapeutic applications for various indications
  • Easy to operate and clean, the device is the ideal device for treatments performed in the office or at home
  • Indications: UV-B / 311 nm for Psoriasis and Vitiligo, UV-A for Neurodermatitis and Acne



  • Heating
  • Weight:  285 g

Dimensions of the emission surface: 110 x 40 mm

Dimensions: 300 L x 60 W x 45 H mm

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