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Dulap pentru uscat și păstrat endoscoape

Thanks to the ProEndo storage system, the proper storage of your cleaned endoscope and bronchoscope becomes child’s play. The fully retractable storage slide makes it possible to hang up and remove the endoscope from the front of the cabinet. The special endoscope dangling protection makes it possible to simply and securely attach the end of the endoscope and at the same time, offers protection from the feared bumping of the distal end against the body of the cabinet. Through the pull-out slide attached to the cabinet cover, the lower area of the cabinet is accessible at all times and without restriction compared to conventional systems for the purpose of cleaning and disinfectant.

To make ProEndoDry endoscope storage cabinets complete, the possibility exists to outfit the system with a system for interim and final drying of the individual endoscopic channels.

The ProEndo system (not ProEndoDry) can be obtained in combination with cabinets of both the ProLine color series and the ProLine stainless series as well as a separate system for retrofitting. For retrofitting, you can use any cabinet you want with minimum inside dimensions of 30 cm (11.8 in) wide and 63 cm (24.8 in) deep. The system can easily be installed by oneself.

Made in Germany by LISCHKA GmbH

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