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Mașină de spălat ploști Model CDD1090 Basic

Hygiene report and certification according EN ISO 15883-1/3
Complete emptying according EN ISO 15883-1
DVGW approved (EN 1717)

Material and construction
Washing chamber of resistant stainless steel AISI 316 (deep-drawn)
Case made of resistant AISI 304 stainless-steel, duplo K400
Isolation of the washing chamber (temperature and acoustic)
Maintenance-free, self-disinfecting and 100 % vapour-tight door labyrinth seal without rubber
Hygienic handle
.+ Machine cover CDD 1090, duplo K400

Cleaning and disinfection system
Power nozzle system of 7 + 5 rotating power nozzles
High pressure pump (0.75 kW) for powerful cleaning (400 l/min)
Thermal disinfection selectable up to A0=600
Hygienical enclosed re-cooling system
“Lockable technical comparement incl. storage for chemicals
+ floor pan and inset for 10° inclined position for optimized usage of chemicals”

Ease of use
Universal holding frame tucked in hygienically clean flaps, changeable without tools
Economical and effective disinfection management
LCD display with clear text and program progress indicator
Microprocessor controled program operations

Dimensions (width x height x depth)
LISCHKA Geysir PREMIUM CDD 1090: 900 mm, 900 mm, 560 mm

Technical characteristics
Short program runtime (252 sec *)
Low water consumption per batch (0.028 m³ *)
Low power consumption per batch (0.17 kWh)
Required water pressure: 0.8 bar
Voltage: 230 V / 400 V | Power: 3.85 kW / 4.85 kW
Waste water: NW 110 / DN 100 | Noise level: 50 dBA
Power of the recirculation pump: 400 l/min

Optional features

Thermal disinfection selectable up to A0=3000
24 h system disinfection according EN 15883-1 (
Automatic door opening with foot switch
Automatic door opening with sensor switch
Automatic door opening with foot switch and sensor switch
Fan-supported re-cooling system CDD 1060/90
Acoustic signal
Leaksensor with acoustic signal
Additional dosing pump with low-level switch
Rim flushing for sluice sink
HT-pipes for floor draining
Additional program for C. difficiles, Noro- and Coronaviruses*

Produs fabricat în Germania de LISCHKA GmbH

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