ECG cu 12 canale (4)

Model: AMEA2-434


  • 12-channel ECG module, connected to a PC with AMEDTEC ECGpro software
  • It automatically measures the ECG, interprets the ECG and ensures the management of the data system
  • Device with GDT interface for GPS
  • AMEDTEC ECG pro NetworkLight software included for 3 workstations
  • Whether you want to automatically record electrocardiograms with a 10-second rest, or longer ECG rhythm – the CardioPart 12 ECG is suitable for both office and mobile use.

Product details:

  • One-button operation, when you press the start button on the CardioPart, the ECG recording starts
  • You can switch between views during preconfigured ECG recording
  • More configuration options, compile individual diagnostic programs even for pediatrics
  • Predefined texts help to prepare the final report
  • Wide selection of print formats
  • Easy to add other formats
  • Strict hygiene standards
  • Integrated in the AMEDTEC ECGpro® data management system
  • The system is mobile and EKG investigations can be done in salons, not just in the office
  • This EKG monitoring system is used exclusively with a PC
  • The results recorded by the ECG module are read and interpreted on the PC monitor

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