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Ecograf doppler stationar HS40

Manufacturer: Samsung


  • An extremely efficient ultrasound diagnostic system
  • With a compact design and superior 2D and color Doppler image quality
  • HS40 has a 21.5 ” LED screen, with 10.1 “touch screen, digital TGC that allows operators to quickly create and save TGC curves
  • SSD type memory that achieves a fast boot as well as playback of frames with high processing speeds
  • The system allows the optimization of different functions with a single touch through the advanced software Quick Preset, EZ-Exam +, QuickScan
  • LED monitor and touch screen technology significantly increases image resolution and contrast, electricity consumption is much lower
  • The 2D image viewing angle is increased compared to classic LCD monitors

The HS40 system includes the following working modes and standard software:

– 2D

– M mod

– M anatomical

– Superior harmonics

– Phase reversal

– Color Doppler

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