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Model: GAA45-33


  • The slats comply with the ISO 7376: 2003 standard
  • Fits on the handles of several brands that apply the standard, such as HEINE, Riester, Welch Allyn, Medicon
  • The halogen light source in the handle is made at the top of the blade through a very large fiber optic package (external Ø 5.0 mm) to produce a cool light, brighter lighting
  • All FO packages can be easily removed during sterilization procedures to prevent possible damage and thus ensure a longer life of the unit.
  • The range includes blades for both Mc Intosh and Miller, with standard handles with 2.5V batteries or rechargeable 3.5V rechargeable batteries and LED handles
  • All reusable FO blades are compatible with NMR because they are made of non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Rechargeable battery handles
    – Compatibility with all “Green” fiber optic systems


Standard accessories:

  • With reusable handle
  • Charging station
  • The handle can be used with a standard or rechargeable battery

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