Masa de operatie profesionala electrohidraulica, 5 sectiuni, pentru neurochirurgie cu accesorii Doro®

Model: T800S.2 Amtai USA

  • Radiolucent, modular electrohydraulic operating table, which can be configured and equipped for all surgical specialties.
  • The top is divided into 5 sections, foldable and interchangeable.
  • All segments are covered with anti-decubitus sponge mattress with memory, with seamless cover on the upper part, and on the lower one the cover is sewn with ultrasound, not allowing the access of liquids inside the mattress.
  • The table is mobile, provided with a hydraulic floor locking system, or manually operated with a pedal.


Configurable dimensions and positions

  • Top dimensions: 2082 mm x 579 mm (W x W)
  • Prevazuta cu sine din inox pentru accesorii, care acopera toata lungimea blatului mesei pe ambele parti.
  • Inaltime reglabila electric: 680 – 1120 mm
  • Sectiunea spate (sus/jos) reglabila electric: 80º / -50º
  • Sectiunea cap (sus/jos) reglabila manual: 90º / -90º
  • Sectiunea picioare reglabila manual – divizata in 2 sectiuni independente, detasabile si reglabile: sus/ jos 30º / -90º, deschidere orizontala 0º/ -90º
  • Trendelenburg/Antitrendelenburg reglabil electric: 30º / -30º
  • Inclinare laterala stanga/dreapta reglabil electric: 20º
  • Translatie longitudinala (cap/picioare) reglabila electric: 310 mm
  • Pozitie Flex/Reflex reglabila electric: 230º / 100º
  • Autonivelare reglabila electric, Pozitia “0”
  • Translatie longitudinala: 310mm
  • Capacitatea maxima de incarcare pacient in orice pozitie: 363 kg
  • Doi acumulatori incorporati, reincarcabili
  • Elevator renal elevatie 12 cm
  • Reverse orientation button – Reverses the functions of the remote control when the head section changes to the foot section


Basic operating table configuration:

  • AMTAI USA T800 operating table, with mattress, with two leg extensions, with manual table control system, with longitudinal translation, battery, kidney lift and table immobilization system on the floor manually.

1.Remote control – 1 pc

2. Manual system for operating the table controls – 1 pc

3. Patient fixing strap – 2 pcs

4. Arm support – 2 pcs

5. Leg extensions – a pair

6. Manual system, with pedal, for immobilizing the table on the floor

7. Renal lift

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